• People, Process, and Technology
    Make it Possible.

Rubicon Gear provides contract-manufacturing solutions that enable production of the highest precision power-transmission and motion-control components available. These include gears, shafts, general machined parts, and assemblies.

Our customers range from small to large and include some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world. To fulfill their requirements, we operate two symbiotic business divisions.

Custom Gear Division

Our custom gear division provides turnkey or complete-to-print manufacturing, assembly, and inventory management solutions.

Gear Service Division

Our gear service division provides individual gear and spline manufacturing solutions on customer furnished components.

Precision in motion

Delivering the power of precision hinges on three core capabilities.

  • People—Our staff of manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, and journeyman machinist have decades of combined experience in the specialized field of gear manufacturing.
  • Process—Our business management, engineering process planning and quality control systems are rooted in the Lean Six Sigma methodology of identification and reduction of variance and waste in the manufacturing process.
  • Technology—We continuously invest a significant amount of capital in the latest manufacturing technologies to improve our capabilities and competitiveness.

For over 35 years, this has been the Rubicon Gear formula for gear-manufacturing excellence. Today, it’s still keeping our customers on the cutting edge.